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 эскиз Виктора Николаева

 эскиз Виктора Николаева

эскиз Виктора Николаева 


Project: The International Festival of Contemporary Art «Antique and avant-garde».

The purpose: assistance to poly-cultural dialogue through the art heritage comprehension in the field of contemporary art

• simultaneous exhibitions of a wide range of art-works (from abstract to concept art) from different countries in some Sevastopol exhibition-halls;
• the versatile analysis of contemporary art basic processes in the light of its different trends and currents;
• an exchange of theoretical ideas about features, main problems and tendencies in the field of contemporary art;

Time: 25 September — 5 October 2009

The Idea of: Viktor Nikolaev (artist, Moscow-Berlin), Vladimir Bojchenko (artist, Sevastopol), Leonid Shuvalov (gallerist, Sevastopol)

The project curators: Larisa Kashuk (Moscow, Russia), Victoria Daniluk (Sevastopol, Ukraine), Svetlana Ribalko (Kharkov, Ukraine).

Organization of: Art-gallery «Green Pyramid» (Nathalie Shuvalova, Leonid Shuvalov, Vladimir Shuvalov)

Co-ordinator: Elena Dushkevich (Sevastopol, Ukraine)

Partners: The Sevastopol Art museum of M.P. Kroshitzky, National Preserve of «Tauric Chersonese», the Sevastopol organization of the Ukrainian National union of artists, Virtual branch of The Russian museum, the Sevastopol business cultural centre, «The Coffee House».

The Classical Antique is «The Golden Age» of art; the age of ideal forms, pure and accurate lines, the time of a real plastic reconsideration of nature, thoughts, and ideas of Greek civilization prosperity beeing created in sculpture, painting, and architecture. For the artists of the following centuries, the address to antique theme is an attempt of returning to the lost Paradise, mixed with a fear of impossibility to create any equal masterpieces. As the returning to the ancient art is impossible, it’s necessary to «recollect», reconstruct with ruins, splinters, crocks, creating the whole picture with the help of literary descriptions. At the same time you have to reflect on finiteness of each civilization, and, according to the life law, uncontrollably long forward — to new forms and expressive means to «perceive» changes, to feel pulse of new time. Avant-garde in its broad sense is a thirst for constant renovations and experiments, hold only by measure of responsibility inevitable for advanced movement in art.

The project concept:
Antiquie as the past and avant-garde as the future, limit a spectrum of art presented in the project context: antique dream about ideal recreated in new forms. It is considered as individuality of each artist or as comprehension of collective stereotypes of modern society, national identity or global cosmopolitan. So this process is connected with aspiration for visual persuasiveness and art capacity of images.

Growing interest to plastic embodiment of ideas in the modern art, contrast to emasculated conceptualism, specifies active dynamics of art. Tracing, analysis and forecasting of this process development are very important as well as a creation of good platforms for this purpose. In the circle of questions defined by this project the international festival of contemporary art «Antique and avant-garde» in Sevastopol becomes one of them.
Chersonese (Sevastopol) is connected with declared themes both territorially and historically, as intersection place of many ancient cultures. Not being the centre of these areas, it forms neutral, therefore objective field for understanding of circle of project questions.


Project Realization:
Information dispatch;
Preparation of activities schedule,
Arrival and settling of foreign visitors;
Review of exposition platforms (for participants);
Festival opening, press conference;
Festival closing.


Viktor Nikolaev —    (+49) 30 627 07670       (+7) 495 494 0731 �
Vladimir Bojchenko —    +7 978 215 73 46
Larisa Kashuk —  (+7) 499 153 31 60    (+7) 916 229 27 49    kashukart@mail.ru
Viktoria Daniluk —       e-mail: victorica@yandex.ru
Svetlana Ribalko —  (+38) 050 397 29 13
The Art-gallery «Green Pyramid» —    +7 (8692) 240054      E-mail: ulitka-non-stop@mail.ru
www.green-pyramid.info  Address:Drevnya,29, Sevastopol, Russia  299045
Nathalie Shuvalova —    +79781141921
Leonid Shuvalov      —    +79788358335
Vladimir Shuvalov  —     +79787001274
Elena Dushkevich —       +79787488700